About Us

Life of Christ Fellowships is a gathering of followers of Jesus Christ in North Alabama.  Our name reflects our conviction that spiritual life comes from knowing Jesus Christ, and without the life found only in Him, our labors are ultimately vain.  We believe that this is the fundamental principle that unites the true Church across time and space:  We gather around the person of Jesus Christ, the living and incarnate Son of God.  He is the head of the Church, of which our fellowship and all Christian fellowships are only a very small part.

On these pages, we have posted information about our fellowship — what we believe, how we meet (in homes) and why we do that, and answers to common questions people have about us.  You can also find out about us by listening to some of the messages we’ve posted, or looking at our reading list.  Please explore the site and find out more!  But to really find out about us, please contact us or come and visit one of our meetings.  You can learn a lot more in a few minutes of talking with real people than you can by reading about us online.

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